Currently working on my proposal. Many times I feel the temptation to write sloppily and get it over with. I can't count the number of times I sighed today in front of my laptop. But, I have to grudgingly admit that I do have a desire to level up in terms of writing skills. And, I think the proposal is a good opportunity to be a step closer to that (says someone who has been slacking off too much during the past 2-3 weeks).

While writing my proposal, I periodically think about the papers and blog posts of one faculty member whose work I highly admire. If only I could be like them -- their writing is so eloquent and masterful! But, I eventually remind myself that it is only through practice that I'll become a good writer. (Ironically, I'm writing this post because I want to procrastinate (sobs). Back to the proposal...)

11/15/2023 (edited on 11/16/2023 and 02/24/2024)

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